A neo striptease to the one and only Beyonce tune.

This evening, Lucy has arrived home from a glamorous night on the town and is dying to slip into something a little more comfortable.
Sweet or sultry…What will Lucy be tonight?




A classic song and dance with a little added boa tease!

Are you feeling a little blue?
Well, Lucy’s got the answer for you!
Prepare to shake and shimmy those blues away in serious, sparkly style.



Photo by Jill Kerswillalivetitle
A neo number to Sia’s Alive.

She was born in a thunderstorm; a place where all the demons go and nothing grows. But she’s risen from the darkness and is here to show you, she’ll never be forgotten. She’s still breathing….She’s alive.




resized_img_0656-upupw-20160402-edit thongsongtitle
A classic burlesque routine to the Post Modern Jukebox version of Sisqos’s rap classic: The Thong Song.

Striking, sparkly and sensuous, Lucy the showgirl is here to tempt, tease and please in this routine that pays homage to something we all know and love: The thong.

Kicked off the showgirl squad for being too cheeky (in the most literal sense) Lucy is a feeling little bit scandalous… Are you sure you can handle it? 


Lucy 2017-1752-EditLavishLuxeTitle
A classic burlesque striptease to  slow and sensual tunes, finished off with energetic big band.

Lavish: Sumptuously rich, elaborate and luxurious.

It’s safe to say Lucy has the glamour taken care of…Now she just needs someone to share in the love and luxury